APPLICATION | Video & Motion Graphics Producer


Hi Marcus & Andrew,

Thanks for your time yesterday. Thought I'd give you a quick insight to my employment history, as well as career choices I've made along the line to help my application. To explain my CV a bit better, I was actually at Fed Square casually for 5 years in which time I was establishing Marver Media before a promotion which took me to a full time program producer. The next few years with joining SCA I had plans on taking my career to different places, The Big Freeze was the perfect opportunity to enhance production knowledge and work on more advanced projects with bigger clients. Now I'm based back in Melbourne my intent is to focus my energies back to one job and grow with a single brand over the coming years. 

C3X to me so far holds opportunities that fulfils what I'm after in my next career move, and from what I've seen so far I would definitely like to know more about the role's day to day, expectations and more importantly about the team. It would be great to also see some of your work. 

I've enclosed some content below in confidence.

Thanks again for your time,


Kris Vanston


Content Producer


Aerial Video Preparation & Safety - TRIPLE MCG PROJECT

I assumed from our meeting that like me, you hold drone activity with a great deal of precaution, hear is my organisation around UAV flight preparation. My flight history I've had a shift being from a consumer hobbyist to a commercial UAV pilot. And although enthusiasm exists with all production techniques I use, there is a very serious approach to safety I perform in the lead up and during every UAV flight.

Each shoot I would plan and brainstorm the relevance of an aerial shot, some productions don't always require aerials. Depending on if the shoot needs CASA approval I would liaise with them and stay in contact with the relevant control tower via radio communications on the day. I ensure safety spotters are on site, organise public liability, plan flight paths and exact times the craft is in the air. Communicate flight info to aerodromes to ensure all aircraft in the area are aware of UAV activity. This is to the heavier side of operations but the process is what I take for every shoot and scale down accordingly. The MCG was one of my more intensive processes of flying in restricted airspace, but we were able to do it against the odds which is a testament to training and safety proceedure.


Below is a list of relevant videos I've produced, shot, rendered graphics, written, voiced and/or edited.

TVC & CONTENT Production